Our 3-step personalized consulting approach

Our role is to guide and assist students toward undergraduate and graduate studies

With 20 years of consulting and coaching experience, My Campus Expat guides you whether you’re in middle school, high school, contemplating a career change, or pursuing a graduate degree, to find a profession that fits you and excel in your studies.

And because it’s never too early to start, we begin your career guidance strategy as early as 10th or 11th grade.

Find your path

College and degree program selection

Based on our assessment, we will help you identify a range of colleges that match your particular academic, geographic, social, religious, financial, and special needs.

We provide you with the firsthand knowledge and professional contacts you need to widen your choices by encouraging consideration of a number of appropriate schools.

Complete End-To-End Application Support

Support at every step of the application process, from resumé, personal statement building to interview preparation and beyond. We teach students to distinguish themselves from other qualified applicants, thus increasing their potential for acceptance to their top-choice colleges.

We help our students build the best strategy to prepare for their application, giving them advice on extracurricular activities to develop, courses and electives to take in high school and beyond.


100% of our students are admitted to their first-choice academic program

Our services

Academic consulting

Best fit academic and career path

Discover My Campus Expat’s approach towards finding a path that suits you

Skill Assessment & Orientation

To define students’ careers and academic path

study in france

We guide our students toward the best academic programs and colleges in France


Working/studying methods

efficient organization, time saving tips, and performance boosting advice

(in 5 sessions)

Interview preparation

3 to 4 sessions preparation for college admission interview

(3 or 4 sessions)

ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD, Asperger syndrome, etc

Our coaching aims to help students overcome learning and attention difficulties

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My Campus Expat