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At My Campus Expat, we have guided many students over the years, and we are proud to say that their journeys are inspiring! We have assisted them in finding their paths, we have implemented concrete strategies to help them achieve their goals, and we have provided them with comprehensive support every step of the way!

Below are the journeys of students guided by My Campus Expat, from discovering their calling to achieving success!


In 2019, Melissa, from Haute Savoie, was in her senior year of high school preparing for a French baccalaureate, with an academic record considered “average” but with strong extracurricular activities: extensive volunteering and competitive high-level gliding sports.

Her teachers advised her to pursue a BTS (Advanced Technician’s Certificate) and a career as a laboratory technician. These recommendations were a shock to Melissa, as she had different ambitions, which made her feel sad and unmotivated.

Then she consulted My Campus Expat… and found her path! Her
skills and orientation assessment
with Adeline sparked her interest in agri-food and the environment.

Adeline believed she could aim for an engineering level. With continuous support, she eventually gained admission to ISA Lille during the first phase of Parcoursup. Today, she is an engineer and works as a project manager in Agroecology.


In 2018, Matthieu obtained an IB diploma in New Jersey. Having found his path at a young age, he was determined to pursue a career in medical studies in France. However, he feared he wouldn’t succeed due to the highly competitive selection process, especially given his circumstances. Indeed, the acceptance rate for foreign candidates is low (30%) on Parcoursup, particularly in selective programs.

He chose to turn to My Campus Expat, with whom he built a strong Parcoursup application. As a result, he was accepted in the first year of medical studies with a minor in sociology at University Paris 6. Despite there being 4000 candidates on the waiting list, Matthieu was accepted in the very first admission phase. He is currently in his second year of medical school.


Emilie obtained a High School Diploma in California in 2020.

With My Campus Expat, she underwent a skills and orientation assessment that highlighted her interest in ecological science, as she is deeply passionate about biology and science.

She has joined a biology program at Lille University, her family’s hometown, and went on to complete a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. She is now a researcher in ecology.

She wrote to us: “ As an ecology researcher, standing knee-deep in a mud puddle in the middle of Africa, counting frogs. Today, thanks to you, Adeline, I feel like I’m exactly where I belong in my life. “.

We work every day to guide students from more than 17 countries all over the world!

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No matter where you come from or where your child wants to study, we have the solution to help you get there! We guide and assist you every step of the way.

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