Study Abroad: France or Elsewhere?

Study in France

Why Choose France for Your Studies?

France is a beacon of excellence, allure, and global influence

You can benefit from a wide range of academic program options at all levels and across various fields

The tuition fees are generally affordable compared to other countries

You have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, which is open to everyone

You’re not restricted to France only, opportunities such as university exchanges, gap years, and international internships are also available

You have access to internships to gain experience in big French companies such as LVMH, Danone, Total, Orange, Airbus, L’Oréal, and more

You have the opportunity to benefit from a vibrant student, cultural, and intellectual life

You can benefit from a highly advantageous student health insurance system

Study in France with My Campus Expat

Coupled with our expertise in college consulting and guidance, we ensure your enrollment in leading French schools and universities, granting access to high-quality education perfectly aligned with your profile and career aspirations.


Studying Abroad

Whether you aspire to study abroad or return to your home country, My Campus Expat will closely assist you to ensure putting you on a path to success :

  • Our consultants help you determine the high school diploma that best suits your academic and career goals
  • We ensure that the chosen diploma aligns with your desired course of study
  • We reach out to the target institution to confirm that they have accurate information and that your application will be duly considered
  • Most importantly, we highlight your experience to these institutions

Beyond assisting you in accessing your dream education and enabling you to study in the country of your choice, we initially help you find your path. Our mission is to ensure your guidance through all the steps until your admission!

Studying Abroad: My Campus Expat Takes Care of Everything!

Study programs entirely in English and internationally recognized diplomas

The appeal of Spain extends beyond its academic offer. The country’s vibrant culture, renowned for its warm climate, lively nightlife, and festive atmosphere, adds to its allure for international students. The most sought-after programs are offered by ESADE, IE, as well as health studies. Additionally, a large number of programs are taught entirely in English.


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