Skill & Orientation Assessment

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Our personalized and tailored assistance is designed to help you discover and pursue your true calling. Our team dedicates time to understanding and analyzing your profile, strengths, and interests. Our skills assessment consists of four steps which incorporate advanced tests, interviews, and effective tools.

Overview of our Skills and Orientation Assessment process:

1 – Diagnostic

A dedicated time for dialogue between My Campus Expat’s advisor, the student, and their family to precisely define the nature of your needs.

We make sure to answer any questions and outline what you can expect from this process.

2 – Investigation of Skills and Interests

We point out your existing skills, strengths, and potential areas for growth. During this step, we identify your professional interests, motivations, and personal characteristics.

3 – Analysis

Based on the skills identified in the investigation phase, we match your profile to relevant career fields.

We provide families with a comprehensive and detailed written report on the recommended professional and higher education paths for their child. This report includes a list of suitable careers, as well as relevant training programs, universities, and schools, and a precise conclusion that offers very concrete guidance!

4 – Conclusion and Guidance

A debriefing session with the student and the family is conducted to present the conclusions of the Skills and Orientation Assessment, and the choices for professional and higher education pathways are examined.

With these elements, you are ready to move forward. Your future project is outlined, its feasibility is validated, and the necessary actions are listed. All that remains is to apply and achieve your goals!

To learn more about our Skills and Orientation Assessment, or to schedule a first meeting, contact us!

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